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Body Treatments

Back Treatment*  50 min. | $80

Helps relieve tension, back pain, general relaxation, and repatriation. Includes exfoliation, massage, mud mask, and steamed towels.


Foot Treatment*  60 min. | $85

Helps Decrease general foot pain and soreness, revitalize tired feet, enhance general relaxation and support the bones of the body. Includes exfoliation, massage, reflexology techniques, mask, and steamed towel wrap.

Body Wraps

Wraps helps removes toxins from the body, can help improve immunity, low energy, helps promote weight loss, can assist with the relief of sore muscles, stress and can improve general relaxation. Includes dry exfoliation, application of treatment, and steam shower.

Fango/Seaweed Wraps*  75 min. | $135

(pite, mud, clay)* bohemian black mud, torfheviz moor mud are used.

Milk and Honey Wrap*  75 min. | $135
Herbal Wraps*  75 min. | $135

(detox, sore muscles, firm tissue, customized herbal blends are used for all treatments).


Cocoon Treatments

*All cocoon treatments are done in tandem*

Coffee exfoliation with seaweed body mask  - 90 min. | $350

good for detox, anti cellulite, slimming, stress relief for full body. Helps revitalize and boost your energy levels, promotes healthy immune systems as well.
Includes a facial massage and foot massage.

Milk and Honey body mask with jasmine scrub  - 90 min. | $350

Aids in promoting a healthy immune system, stress relieve, natural moisturizer for the skin. Helps with minor inflammation of muscles, and contains natural antibiotic properties.

Chocolate exfoliation and body mask - 90 min. | $350

with a chocolate scrub to exfoliate the body and chocolate full body mask, this treatment will revitalize, boost energy levels, elevate general mood of the client, helps relieve stress, and aids in boosting the immune system.
Includes facial and foot massage.






Includes facial and foot massage

Chocolate Treatments

Chocolate Cocoon* 90min. | $350
Chocolate Wrap* 75min. | $135
Chocolate Massage* 60min. | $95
Chocolate scrub for Vichy Shower Chocolate foot scrub* 10min. | $15

*can be added to any massage or body treatment*