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Please book a complimentary consultation to determine complete price of service

Hair Cuts

Women's Shampoo, Blow Dry and Wrap​ Starting at $50.00
Women's Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry Starting at $45.00
Women's Shampoo and Cut Starting at $35.00
Women's Shampoo and Blow Dry Starting at $35.00
Bang Trim Starting at $10.00
Men's Cut Starting at $25.00
Children (Under 12) Starting at $20.00
Red Carpet Blow Out Starting at $60.00
Beard Trim Starting at $10.00
Beard Color Starting at $20.00
Conditioner Treatment Starting at $20.00
Up-Do's Starting at $55.00

Hair Permanents

Full Head Permanents Starting at $100.00
Partial Head Permanents Starting at $85.00
Specialty Perm Starting at $75.00

Hair Extensions

Sew-in Hair Extensions Starting at $150.00
Tape-in Hair Extensions Starting at $75.00
Feather Hair Extensions Starting at $15.00
I Tip Hair Extensions Per Strand Starting at $6.00

Wig and Sheitals

Wig Shampoo and Style Starting at $55.00
Wig Shampoo, Cut and Style Starting at $150.00

Hair Colors

Single Process Color Starting at $55.00
10 Minute Color Starting at $65.00
Partial Highlights Starting at $75.00
Full Highlights Starting at $115.00
Zipper highlights Starting at $45.00
Ombre Hair Color Starting at $100.00
Cellophanes Color Starting at $45.00
Corrective Color Starting at $75.00

Natural Hair

New Braiding Starting at $90.00
Braiding Maintenance Starting at $60.00
New Stage Locks Starting at $60.00

Straightening Services

Lasio One Day Keratin Treatment Starting at $200.00
Lasio Tropix Same Day Keratin Treatment Starting at $250.00
Brazilian Blow Out Starting at $300.00
Japanese Hair Straightening Starting at $350.00
Relaxer Virgin Hair Relaxer Starting at $100.00
Relaxer Retouch Starting at $80.00
Anti-Curl Hair Treatment Starting at $120.00

Child Safety Policy

Children are only permitted in our salon and spa when receiving a service. For safety reasons and insurance purposes, no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are having a service. We love children, but we do not have the facilities that can assure their safety in our professional environment. We hope you understand that we are looking out for everyone's wellbeing.

Cancellation Policy

A credit card is required to reserve your spa appointments. We request a minimum of 24 hrs. notice for cancellation or rescheduling. If you miss your scheduled service or services or cancel without the minimum required notice, your credit card will be charged the full amount. We realize that unforeseen situations or emergencies may arise, so we offer a 2 week grace period for you to reschedule without being charged again. Special arrangements must be made with a Spa/Salon Manager to extend this re- booking time

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.