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Shuree Cameron

I've been to Neha Threading in Pikesville twice. I love the way she does my eyebrows! Everyone is always kind and smiling as well. I am actually going in tomorrow for my eyebrows yet again.

Erin L

Neha has taken care of my Brows for 19 years and counting. I have watched her business grow into a very sucessful business . Her customer service is exceptional. I\'m proud to say I am a lifetime client.

Marisa Deoraj

I have been visiting NEHA THREADING for years the service is remarkable the staff is super friendly and Neha is dedicate and caring.i recently had my nails done for the first time and I must say it is out of the ordinary ...
Keep up the great work

Debi davis

Every time i come the Pikesville location i leave feeling GREAT. The young ladies and the desk & the Great Treatment I always get there.
Thanks to All
Debi davis

Susana L

I cannot enough good things about Ms. Neha and her extremely good team at the Pikesville's location. I received Outstanding Customer Service Excellence! I feel so much better when I leave and I can honestly say that I had the best threading and best manicure in my whole life! I will never go to other place. I have no doubt that once that they go to Neha Salon & Spa, they will keep coming back forever since they will feel the same feeling of comfort that I feel. Thanks for your great care and service! I wish you much success in your new location in Baltimore City!

Blair G

I come in to see Ms Kathleen, Kelli and/or my new addition Kwame. I have to say since coming which is irregular but when I do I feel 1000% better each and every time I leave. They give me the greatest feeling of comfort. I always have that warm fuzzy feeling when I\'m there. Every kink is worked out of this worn body and my face feels brand new. I will never go anywhere else.

Imani sims

I love going to the NEHA Spa in Pikesville. So relaxing and the staff is always really nice and they are quick but pleasant.


Neha has been threading my eyebrows for over 10yrs and I havent been anywhere and served by anyone who has not been committed as she has been. The service has always been pleasant and peaceful. The employees all are welcoming and considerate. The few facials I received has made my outer as well as inner refreshing...with a touch of spiritual uplifting from Neha Neha also gives family remedies (hair growth etc) 5***** QUALITY SERVICE

Carla Weisman

Neha's is the ONLY place I'll go for eyebrow threading. Neha and is fantastic, quick and painless with great results. The entire staff is wonderful.


This is where I go to have my eyebrows threaded! They do a great much better than waxing. Neha, The gorgeous women from India do the threading with white thread held in their hands and their mouths, they then sculpt your eyebrows! I've bought make-up there which was as good a quality as from Studio of Makeup in Pikesville (too expensive) and much more affordable. Would love to have a facial or massage. Consider treating yourself and checking out these Fall Specials. They have nail technicians and hair stylists and have a very diverse client population and can work on any skin type or hair type. Neha's clients range in age from the very young and hip to the very old.

They are located in Pikesville, just a few hundred yards from the corner of Old Court and Reisterstown Rd.

I highly recommend Neha's.


I love going to Neha's for threading, facials and hair care. I am a member of the facial club and Belvin is the best Esthetician ever. Paula has hair care to a science. No matter when I go, I never want to leave. Such a welcoming and comforting environment!

Kimberly Snowden

Neha's service is absolutely uplifting. You can trust on great, professional and graceful services here. It is an honor to have Neha providing such great service in the Maryland area. You will experience and discover your own natural beauty here. -Kimberly


Neha's service is absolutely uplifting. You can trust on great, professional and graceful services here. It is an honor to have Neha providing such great service. You will experience and discover your own natural beauty here.

Tanya Bryant

I love Neha Salon. My boyfriend doesn't often notice things like eyebrows and a layer cut, but he noticed my eyebrows when Neha did them. He said that\'s the best they've ever looked. I'll keep coming back as long as she's here..

Sharonda Andrews

I met Neha when she was working in a salon with her mother-in-law on Harford Road a long time ago. She was pregnant with her daughter (Smile). I enjoy the service I receive and our conversations. I have referred several people to the salon and they all have positive things to say about the salon and Neha. Neha is like one of my girlfriends. Congratulations on your new location!!! Much success to you! Love, Sharonda

Hurraina Eanes

I have known Neha for several years now and have simply enjoyed her services. She and her staff are the BEST.

Lisa Small

I was referred to Neha's by a classmate in 2010; hesitant due to my commute from Anne Arundel county but the warmth and level of professionalism is worth my drive. Bevin's body scrub and facials are heavenly. I look forward to the new location.

Elizabeth Otieno

This is the place for beauty at its best. I had thin eyebrows & was thinking of tattoo. Neha gave me castor oil that I consider miracle oil. My eyebrows are thick. Bevin is God's sent with the facial.

MiMi Knight

I went to Neha via advice of a friend. My daughter and I got our eyebrows done. They are super friendly and we would surely be back. They are the BEST!

Rhonda Sanders

I have utilized Neha's threading services for about 16 years. I love the service and the warmth of all of the ladies in the shop. Bevin is the greatest for all of my facial needs.

Watina Greene

I have always had very thin eyebrows. Neha recommended I apply pure castor oil to my eyebrows and they are finally growing in thick and beautiful! Thanks Neha!

Leanda Grissom

I have been a customer for over 6 years and I have been satisfied the entire time. Neha and her team are great!!

Angela Corbin

I will only let Neha touch my brows from here on out. It took me a year to get them back in after the fatal mistake of going elsewhere. Love Neha Threading!!!

Iman Blackston

I have been a patron of Neha's since I was 11 years old. Seven years later I am still satisfied with the service and the new location. I love you Neha =D

Carla Mims-Dixon

I can't believe it's been four years since you struck out on your own! You are such a wonderful person and I am so happy that you have achieved the success that you have. Congratulations!

Nefratiti Cannon

Neha is friendly, personable and professional. I've been going to Neha over 8 yrs. I always feel more beautiful when come to you ,you are a very good friend to me & you are fam I love you always, keet up the work.

Cieara Johnson

Just visited Neha Threading for the first time today and it was a wonderful experience. I had the best massage and my first facial. I left there so relaxed and rejuvenated.

Michelle Goldkrantz

I travel from NY to Baltimore, MD to visit family and before I visit my family, I stop at Neha's Salon. Neha gives my eyebrows an arch and she has a magic painless touch!

Stephanie Garcia

I have been going to Neha for over 4 years now and I have never seen my eyebrows more beautifully shaped! When I get them threaded they last at least 3 weeks. The more often you go the less it hurts.

Amal Ali

Just got my eyebrows done here, and they look GREAT! I'm so glad I finally found a good threading salon. And on top of that, everyone at the salon is super friendly. I will definitely be back!

Tanya B

Neha is friendly, personable and professional. I can't imagine having my eyebrows done by anyone else. I won't go back to plucking or waxing since I found threading.

Sharisse Smith

I received my first facial. I was skeptical because I'm under the doctor's care for adult acne. Well, I'm sokol please with the results I even joined the "facial club" because it's worth the money.

Dalanda Crawford-Smith

Neha, Paula and ladies really have taken care of me. Between my eyebrows, chin, makeup, hair and henna designs; I always feel more beautiful than when I walked in! Neha you and your staff rock!

Andria Lipscomb

I had my first brazilian wax for my wedding and LOVED the results. Neha even called later to check on me and asked if I needed any other services. Excellent service!!!

Rachel Perry-Crook

I have been searching for almost a decade for a wax technician and technique that works for me. Devon at Neha Threading is the technician, and I am THRILLED with how my wax turned out!

Ingrid Cox

This is by far the best way to get your eyebrow done!


I went to Neha for my first brazilian wax and Neha was very nice and made sure I was comfortable since it was my first time. I plan to return and the next time I will be having my eyebrows threaded!

Carolyn Howard

I was there and got a facial and it was phenomenal!! I was very pleased. It was the best thing ever!! I will definitely be back for another one!! My hair cut was awesome also. I love it!!

Connie Fowlkes

I love the services the shop provides. I have been going to Neha for over 12 years and watched her grow into the successful woman that she has become. I am so proud of her.


MARVELOUS....When I leave the shop I look and feel SIMPLY MARVELOUS...I guarantee you will feel the same sentiments...Keep up the excellent services that you render...a lifetime customer

Jackie J

I absolutely love having my eyebrows threaded. Neha's customer service skills are exceptional. She greets everyone with a smile. Much success to you!!!!!!!

Tracey Johnson

I tried your salon for the first time. A friend of mine introduced me to it and I love it. You and your staff are so very professional and your salon is very clean and you always welcome me and everyone with a warm welcome and open arms. I have not been to any other salon in Maryland that can top yours. Please keep up the good work and you definitely deserved your vacation.

Carmela Fisher

I love the idea of this salon being diversified from the stylists to the customers. I've known Neha for quite some time and saw her vision to start her own salon & spa couple of years back. You are a woman of action and I am so proud of you for pressing forward with your dream and having a wonderful supporting your efforts. I cannot wait to come and visit. In the meantime...much success!

Anisley Monteagudo

I went again for my second time, Neha was there, she was very nice at everybody, very sweet lady, but I didnt get to do my threading with her. For the second time, the other lady did it, I keep forgetting her name, anyways, she is awesome. No pain at all, very quick, I'm truly in love with this place, the service and her....Thanks

Ellen L. Schwarz

Loved my day at the spa. Please update your employee profiles.

Diona Harrington

I love Neha she is just one of the sweetest people that I have come across. But her work is great and she's very fast! Everyone at the salon is very sweet as well. Thanks Neha

Anisley Monteagudo

For the first time I went Monday for threading, after an extensive research. I was scared, plus I just moved to Maryland. Well, I'm glad I went, I'm so happy with the service, I did the eyebrows and upper lip, no pain at all, I have a very sensitive skin and had no reactions at all. I wish I tried this method before, this is a very nice place, by the way they provide the service you can tell how experienced they are. Thanks, I will become regular.

Lisa Lesane

Wonderful fast service

Lynnette Haynes

My experiences at Neha Threading are always positive and pleasant. The last time I was there, the lady who helped me changed my brows a bit and I was very happy and pleased by her skill. Thanks so much!

Dalanda Crawford-Smith

Neha, I remember coming into your salon in its infancy before it became the wonderful place that it is today. I am so proud of you and your vision that made your salon and spa come to fruition. Your colleagues are very professional and personable. Thank you for making my family and I feel welcomed each time we come in for the various services. Yes, my eyebrow journey began with your mom-in-law, but I am glad it's with you now. May God continue to Bless all of you!! Sincerely, Dalanda, Alana, and Cynethia Smith.

Shantae Dow

"I just love Neha, and the salon. I recommend the salon to everyone that I have come in contact with".

Lisa Carter

I love you and I love your work...

Nathalie Hardy

I love Neha Threading..Each time I come to get my eyebrows done it gets easier and easier. Thanks to you Neha and my friend Wanda Jones I won't go any where else!


Nice to see you on your website. You certainly are doing a wonderfull work.We all wish for your progress and achieving whatever you wished for.

Michelle Spencer

I was so glad to see you on TV because I had no idea that you had your own salon. I had been going to your mom's salon in Towson. I had not seen you since Harford Rd. It's great that you are on my side of town. You have a great salon and I will be trying some of your other services. My teenage daughter is now enjoying the experience of having her eyebrows threaded.

Erika Gregg

Thank you Neha for a wonderful year! I'm very happy for you and your accomplishments, and I wish you more success to come! Your salon is clean, professional, and very convenient to the local area. It's a pleasure coming there to have my brows done!


I'm not exactly sure how long I have been coming to Neha but I do know that I will never go anywhere else!!! I don't necessarily like the long wait sometimes (but who does?) but I am happy that the wait means business is good for Neha...she deserves the blessing of a prosperous business. Neha I just want you to know that I am so happy for your success and really appreciate the fact that even though I might only spend 5 to 8 minutes in your chair when I come, that over the years you have taken the time to show an interest in my life as well as share parts of your life with me. Thank you, I truly appreciate your genuine sincerity.

Cyndi Bell

I was introduced to you and your shop by a co-worker by the name of Sadaf. Since my first visit of getting my eyebrows done, I decided to return to you to get my chin done. I am proud to say that I am pleased with both services presented to me at your shop. I am thinking about trying out some of the spa packages. I am truly looking forward to a lifetime of having these services as a part of my ongoing grooming.


I saw a friend of mine years ago and her eyebrows were so amazing and perfectly shaped. She told me about Neha and explained that she use threading to arch the eyebrows. I said wow!! that sounds interesting. I had never had my eyes arched before because the use of razors always frightened me and well waxing that was not appealing either. On my 45th birthday I decided to get my eyes arched by Neha. It was an awesome and wonderful expereince. I have been going to Neha now for about four years. If your looking for beauty and a different wonderful experience, I highly recommend Neha Threading Salon.

Tamy Lewis

Neha Threading Salon & Spa does an excellent job. Neha is such a warm spirited person and makes you feel so welcome. If you have never experienced threading, she will make you feel comfortable. It's painless and I LOVE IT! ~Tamy Lewis

Tammie lee

Hi I have been coming for a while now and I really respect the fact that you all are professionals, keep up the good work I really enjoy coming there.



Evelyn Freeman

Great Job!! God gets the Glory for your SUCCESS!! I pray that he continue to guide, protect and keep you prosperous. You've been threading my eyes for over 2 years, I won't go to anyone else! Blessings

Lauren Green

Hi Neha, The art of eyebrow threading is the best. It's true threading does last longer than waxing. I wish you and your staff much success. Keep up the good work...

Wanda Pulliam

I've been going to Neha since she worked at the salon an Harford Rd. Being as though my eyebrows are not the thickest, I prefer threading because it give me the perfect arch since my eyebrows are so thin..Waxing never did that.. Threading is the best,so long waxing threadong is here to stay... I would never go back to waxing...


Great job on WJZ! Congratulations on the exposure! :)


I just watched your video from WJZ, and of course I am SOOO proud of you. I always have been. You have a great spirit and you can hear the knowledge about your profession when you speak. This advertisement is going to be great for business. I guess I better clear out more time for when I come...the wait time is going to be crazier


i drive all the way from Bittsburgh to see neha - need i say more?

Jacquelyn Paylor

I love the threading method. Not painful, messy and doesn't leave any bumps or scarring on my tender skin. I'm a fan for life.


Thank you Neha! You do wonderful work. I received several compliments on my eyebrows this evening. You are truly the best!

Silvia Edwards

I work in the Washington, D.C. area and I was telling my co-worker about the Eyebrow Threading. She asked "Was it better than waxing and did it HURT." My response was "It is much better than waxing and YES it hurt, but when it is all over and done, your brows are BEAUTIFUL. You and your staff was so professional during my visit and YES, I will be coming back. Keep up the GOOD were.....Silvia.

Demetria Ross

I just finished looking at the wedding pictures and you are so wonderful to share that time with your customers. You make me feel like family with your emails and with touch of comfort and serenity that is felt when I come into the shop each and every time. Thanks for making me feel and look beautiful.

Tenesha H.

Neha is wonderful.I have followed her from her previous location and if she decides to move again I'm sure to follow! She is patient with those who have the 1st time jitters as well as excellent in explaining the proceedure of threading. Her warm spirit and positive attitude makes the experience virtually painless. It is an honor to know her and I plan to be a customer for a lifetime.

doris rosenblatt

loved the pictures of the wedding and saw you on t.v. this morning. You looked beautiful. Having cataracts surgery Monday and leaving for Myrtle Beach Friday. will try to see you and arvis before i leave.


This is my stop for eyebrow threading. The place is clean and the staff are always friendly. I've had a number of different threaders, but my favorites so far is Neha. She is quick and my eyebrows always come out looking exactly how I want. If you get your eyebrows threaded here frequently, they have a card there you can get that they stamp and after 10 eyebrow threadings you get the 11th free. I'll still stop here to get my eyebrows done every time.

Debbie Daniel

I've heard of eyebrow threading as an option, however I've never tried it so it was a new experience for me. Personally, there was very minimal pain and my skin didn’t feel irritated. I was amazed at how quick the entire process was completed. It was a dramatic change on my face!! Thank you Neha!!!. I’m convinced! My waxing and plucking days are the thing of the past.



sabrina barnes

Hi, I have two comments, one negative and one positive. During Christmas, I purchased a $100 gift card for my mother who is on a fixed income but enjoys coming to your salon & spa. Well, she came in during a time you were out of town and was told that she couldn't pay for her service with the gift card because the cashier did not know how to process a gift card payment. Luckily she had some cash. This is the reason I purchased the card in the first place, so she wouldn't have to spend her cash. My mother did not think much of the incident but I did. She is a proud woman and probably had that small amount of cash earmarked for groceries. I hope this does not happen again. I came in recently to have my brows done and saw that the place was packed. This was good to see. You were assisting other clients and Tina performed my brow threading. I took a chance on Tina because I trust you. I was very, very please with the work done by Tina. I will gladly accept Tina as a substitute anytime.


A friend took me to Neha’s threading for the first time just the other day. I had never heard of eyebrow threading, but it was AMAZING! I haven't stopped talking about it, and will recommend my girlfriends as well to try this amazing art!

Britney Jenkins

Neha's has the BEST customer service, and the BEST eyebrow service!!! The environment is very friendly and inviting, and they treat each customer with special treatment. Everyone should go to Neha's salon and spa for all their pampering needs!

Trina Lot

I love Neha. My eyebrows look fabulous everytime!!! Keep up the good work. Lorri D

Lorri Davis

Thank you, thank you for opening on Mondays. I went today on my lunch break. I was in and out in no time. Job well done! Lorri D

Marilyn N. Burnett

I love this place! The surroundings are so very peaceful and the spirit of nurturing care abounds! The service is excellent and Neha has a way of making everyone feel special. Can't wait to get my facial!

Tanya P. Hardy-West

I have been coming to Neha for over a year and I am very pleased with the services I have gotten. Last week I got a manicure and minxs on two of my nails. Love them!!!!

Jasmine Collins

I love my eyebrows now that I attend Neha Threading Salon.