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Vichy Shower (Temporarily unavailable due to COVID)

Unique spa treatment in which 8 shower heads of warm water rinse the body includes a full body exfoliation with variety of custom organic blend of scrubs, followed by a choice seaweed, clay, bohemian black mud, torfheviz moore mud.
Seaweed Body Detoxifying Treatment - 50 min. | $95     75min. | $115

Seaweed can absorb toxins such as preservatives, pesticides, pollution and bacteria from your skin. Applied topically, It draws out oils from the skin and its high potassium content regulates moisture levels. This natural resource is high in minerals, amino acids and vitamins that enhance the skin. The rich nutrient content of seaweed reduces skin inflammation, claims, hydrates and tones to give clear, healthful skin

Clay Body Mask - 50 min. | $95      75 min. | $115

A clay mask is best for absorbing excess dirt and oil and drying out excessively oily skin, exfoliates dead skin cells from the face and refines enlarged or inflamed pores.

Mud Body Mask - 50 min. | $95      75 min. | $115

Mud masks are known to improve blood circulation under the skin, cleanse skin of dirt and impurities, moisturize and refresh tired skin and make the skin appear brighter, softer and cleaner. In addition to the cleansing moisturizing and upkeep of the skin, mud masks also serve to repair skin tissue, which improves the skin’s natural elasticity, making it appear younger.